Our vision

We believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, died on the cross to redeem sinners, which we all are. In his resurrection from the dead, he regenerated us who believe and made us a new creation. This new creation is the body of Christ, God’s dwelling on earth, the church. God’s goal is to sanctify this church wholly until it becomes the spotless bride who he will come to espouse for eternity. Until that wedding day occurs, the church stands on earth as a warrior/bride-to-be, fighting God’s enemy Satan while transmitting a beacon of light across a dark and turbulent sea.

Our meetings

We meeting each Sunday morning at 10:00 A.M. beginning with singing and praise and enjoying the Lord’s table together. After a coffee break we continue at 11:30 for a half-hour of time in the Word which we treasure greatly. We also have individual Bible studies and home fellowship at various times and places.

Our music

We love any music that glories God and His Son Jesus Christ. While we treasure centuries-old hymns, we also delight in learning new songs that spring forth from the universal body of Christ. We also write hymns locally as well as adapt old hymn lyrics to new tunes. We often take the time to read the hymns after singing them, as poetry, and to discuss them.

Our outreach

We recognize that within that Christ came as a seed to reproduce himself into humanity (John 12:24). As his true siblings, we too have this reproducing gene. Our desire is to bring all humans to Christ and all believers into an ongoing church experience where they may grow in the faith and further establish the expression of the body of Christ

Our administration

We are a highly non-institutionalized assembly. We have no clergy, no paid staff of any kind, and we belong to no larger church structure. We are in fellowship with many other churches in the Great Lakes region who share our vision. Members are encouraged to function as priests in any way they can. We recognize there are many gifts to the body and we appreciate their function, but we also see each member as equal co-inheritors of God’s grace.

Our building

We refer to our church building as a “meeting hall” rather than a “church.” This is to remind us that we the living members are the church and the building is simply where we gather. Our building is fairly new, simple in design, and is the product of much sweat equity by the saints who did much of the labor. It functions for meetings, weddings, fellowship dinners, concerts, coffee houses, small regional conferences, and any other way that the Spirit would lead us to use it.

Our spiritual influences

We have been helped many saints through the church age, from the early church fathers to the reformers such as Luther and the Anabaptists to the Plymouth Brethren of the 1850’s England to Watchman Nee and his work in China in the 20th century. Truly, we appreciate all those who have gone before us seeking to stay tuned to the essence of the Apostles’ teaching.

The ViOS Project is excited to partner with The Greater Lakes Christian churches and YoungSeekers in an amazing concert tour for Gospel Odyssey this year. The tour will feature five concerts in five Great Lakes cities in five consecutive days. We will begin our tour in Evanston, IL on 06/10, followed by Goshen, IN on 06/11Columbus, OH on 06/12Pittsburgh, PA on 06/13, and Cleveland, OH on 06/14. Admission is completely free for all of these concerts, so join us in any one of these cities for amazing music, excitement, and of course, the timeless message of Life Everlasting.
On June 11th, we will be in Goshen, Indiana at an exciting venue, The Ignition Music Garage – record shop by day, trendy live music venue by night. This event is hosted by The church in Goshen, and, of course, is completely free. Doors will open at 8:00pm. Mark your calendars!
1922 W. Lincoln St., Goshen, IN 46526